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Aquapro B powder and in biodegradable ba


Science-based aquaculture has driven the growth of the industry globally.


*Please note that product appearance may vary slightly but does not affect the product performance.

Target Problem Areas!

AQUAPRO EZ is an aquaculture powder mixture of two naturally occurring bacterial strains Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis selected for their ability to degrade organic material present in sludge and nutrients specifically formulated to allow the bacteria to jump start their growth in aquatic ecosystems. The bacteria in this product are harmless to plant and animal life and are naturally occurring bacterial species. They are not genetically modified or altered in any manner.


Each bag contains 8 ounces of  our proprietary product containing more than 850 billion CFU*. The bags are biodegradable and dissolve after being placed in the water. To start add  6 packets (3 pounds) to problem areas. Bacteria germinate within 12 to 24 hours after the bags are placed in the water. The bacteria will bloom. Typically they begin digesting sludge shortly after they bloom. They proliferate and then die back to background levels, thus the need for repeat applications. Every two weeks thereafter add two bags (one pound) in areas where sludge accumulates historically or in problem areas. More bags can be added as required. Note that the benefits that you see will depend on application rates and the characteristics of the body of water that you are adding the product to.

​This product can be used on lakes, ponds, slow moving streams, koi ponds, golf course ponds, ponds in parks or any body of water where accumulated organic material is an issue. Each pond is different so any suggestions that we make can only be guidelines from which you can work and should serve as a general approach.

​Results of use:

  • Less accumulated sludge

  • Healthier pond bottoms with cleaner bottoms and less hydrogen sulfide production

  • Healthier phytoplankton communities


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