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White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV)

White spot syndrome virus (WSSV) is a highly infectious viral pathogen that causes mass mortality in farmed shrimp worldwide.  WSSV is known as the most prevalent, widespread and lethal to most of the commercially cultivated shrimp species. Infected shrimp species include, among others, Penaeus monodonMarsupenaeus japonicusLitopenaeus vannamei and Fenneropenaeus indicus.  Transmitted vertically (trans-ovum), and horizontally, via consumption of infected tissues and through water-borne routes: Dead and moribund animals are often a source of disease transmission.  Historically, cumulative mortality of up to 100% within 3-10 days after infection was common. Nowadays this is rare. More often than not mortality is due to co-infection with other pathogens.

Our WSSV test kits are immunochromatographic assays designed for the qualitative detection of WSSV infection in shrimp. These are rapid assays that yield results in 15 minutes or less. They are highly sensitive although not as sensitive as a 2-step PCR. They are very useful in the field for determining disease in your population. 

Animals that test positive need to be removed within 3 days or less.

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